Seven Exciting Technology Forward Companies To Work For

If you’re looking for a job where you can not only help create tomorrow’s technology but can use technology in your career right now, consider the items on this list. Of course, man companies that use tech are those that help create it.


The most-popular search engine is also one of the more popular ! With headquarters in Silicon Valley, India and even Cairo, Google really might be taking the world over. Google has plenty of projects in the works. From programmers to designers to sales, jobs are always available. Google provides doctors, travel insurance and legal advice. Of course, Googlers use plenty of tech in their daily tasks.


Most consumers know little about Qualcomm, the company that manufactures semiconductors, and wireless charging tech and helped push for 3G and 4G technologies. However, Qualcomm consistently makes the list of employers that are great to work for. As you’d guess, the company’s involvement in tech provides employees with plenty of chances to work with the newest devices and software. Qualcomm offers health benefits like Google, too.


Not everyone loves Apple, but the company has made great strides in the industry. First, it was Mac computers; then, Apple spearheaded the smartphone market with the original iPhone. More recently, Apple produced the iPad. While consumers weren’t sure what to do with tablet PCs in the beginning, Apple has now sold 170 million iPads to buyers. Apple’s process might seem backwards to some people because the focus isn’t on the technology. Rather, Apple focuses on user experience and uses tech to that end.


Web hosts aren’t typically known unless they do something wrong — we’re talking to you GoDaddy — so it’s nice that Rackspace is making a positive name for itself. The environment has been described as the coupling of service-oriented employees and techies. Perhaps that’s why the company’s stock nearly doubled in 2012. The hosting provider has been involved with developing open-source cloud platform OpenStack. While other companies are busy keeping secrets and using proprietary technology, it’s nice to see a company that’s willing to share and work together.


You may be using a router made by Cisco at the very moment, and if you were hired by the company, you may have the option to telecommute to work. This large company has offices around the world and hires financial, programming and sales professionals on a regular basis. Flexibility in schedule is one the selling points of a career as Cisco, and it encourages workers to go above and beyond.


This company is so tech-forward that it has an app for potential job candidates. Intel is dedicated to help everyone, including employees, succeed. The company, which has an open call for software engineers, has made top lists of environmentally-friendly, and ethical businesses. You’ll find it on Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For.


Creativity is almost the default at SAS, a tech company that now feeds its employees through multiple organic farms. The same innovation applies to the work that SAS does. The company is an award winner when it comes to new ways of preventing insurance fraud. Some call it creative anarchy, but collaboration and innovation go hand in hand at SAS.

Company cultures ensure that these companies will make this same list next year.