Pinterest To Offer Web Analytics and What This Means For Your Business

Pinterest is laying the foundation for monetization, based on what people click on and follow through with the link attached to an image. In 2012, they began separating the business entities from the personal accounts. Creating business pages with the business names. Now the basis for the distinction is clear, the potential to market to the 30 million unique visitors. Social media dictates the need for measurable ROC to determine the value behind marketing campaigns. It’s no surprise one of the favored hot spots on the internet want to contribute while benefiting.

Imagine the importance of creating a contest and easily evaluating the activity related to the contest from its image and how people engaged based on that image.

Pinterest web analytics means your business is the ability to see the volume of people that pin images directly from your website. If an image is not tremendously successful, it gives the opportunity to change it up and add a better image based on the results from other successful images. Tap the pool of knowledge and insight to understand what your customers are truly interested in and love about your site. Not only can you adapt to what they feel passionate about, but you can talk directly with individuals pinning your images. It is all about inspiring your customers, to provide the perfect ambiance, not just a lifeless picture of a product. Give your customers a reason to spend the time pinning and sharing your ideas.

Personalize the experience by adding your own likes, have employees add to the value, as well.

An even deeper benefit is to track the analytics and choose the best times to engage with individuals. The data will reveal the times people are more actively visiting your site and pinning the images to Pinterest.

Pinterest has made it so easy to develop the web analytics. Follow the steps to verify your website and download the file to add to your site. Just like Google analytics, it needs to identify the file, to create and deliver the data and prepare the data report.

This is an powerful marketing strategy and unique way to share your business with the world. Utilize the best images and add some videos to engage pinners, your potential customers, Ensure you are leading them to your website with worthwhile content. Share your community involvements, festive events and conventions so shower people with your involvement, caring approach to gain confidence in your company on a personal level. Just follow the guidelines Pinterest lays out for companies to ensure quality and reduce spam. Make it a true community with a caring touch and the web analytics that will guide your businesses marketing plan to expand the company and increase sales.