Personal Breathalyzer Review – Can They Help You Avoid A DUI?

Most people can admit that they’ve been behind the wheel of a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol at some point in their lives. Drunk driving is not new. What is new is being able to determine whether or not you should get into your car after a long night of drinking with a personal breathalyzer. With such a device at your disposal, you can say “goodbye” to DUIs and other related charges, right? Well, not so fast!

Before you find yourself having to get an SR-22 insurance quote to show the judge, and before you have to pay thousands of dollars in fine, possibly have hurt some innocent people, and spent a few nights in jail, think about it and when in doubt, ALWAYS CALL A TAXI!


For those of you that want to see just how drunk (or sober) you are, here are a few of the most popular personal breathalyzers on the market and if they are worth your time.
AlcoHawk Pro

The AlcoHawk Pro is one of the slickest and most reliable breathalyzers that you can buy today. When you purchase the Pro, you get a lot of extras in the box. Everything from a battery and carrying case to reusable mouthpieces and a car charger are included in the kit. The device itself is sleek and good-looking. With a large display for easy reading, an ergonomic grip that fills the hand well, and a single power button on the unit, testing your own blood alcohol level has never been so intuitive.

Speaking of testing, all you have to do is power on the unit, wait 20 seconds, then blow hard for about five seconds. You’ll have your result a fraction of a minute later. This is all to be done 20 minutes after you’ve had your last drink. User reviews all point to the fact that this thing works very well. Many people have tested the AlcoHawk Pro on a number of individuals who purposefully consumed the same amount of booze. The results were almost always consistent between people.

The AlcoHawk Pro has a lot going for it and would serve well for personal use or even professional use. At a price point of $139.95, it’s a pretty good buy considering what you get for the money. The AlcoHawk Pro is highly recommended if you are looking for a high-quality piece that could save your life one day.
BACtrack Personal Breathalyzer

This personal breathalyzer is all you would need to avoid making a grave mistake. Small but comfortable to hold, the BACtrack features an LED screen with white lettering on a black background and a no-mouthpiece design. This model also includes a carrying case but leaves out the AA batteries. It’s a bit irritating to have to purchase extra batteries for any new electronic device.

As far as function goes, the BACtrack works well. Like many other breathalyzers, you switch it on, wait for a “beep,” then blow with force into the designated area. Since this thing doesn’t have a mouthpiece, it can be easily shared between a group of friends who have been drinking together without fear of pathogenic transmission. The BACtrack receives positive reviews from most users for its consistent readings. However, some have reported that readings sometimes seem too low after heavy drinking. This may be caused by taking the breathalyzer test too soon after consumption. While the manual lists a standard wait time of 20 minutes after drinking to take a test, the device might actually require a longer wait time of 30 minutes or more for an accurate reading.

Overall, the BACtrack personal breathalyzer gets the job done for about half the price of the AlcoHawk. This one is probably the better bang for your buck.

As you can see, two of the most popular personal breathalyzers on the market both received great reviews from users. While most manuals clearly state that these devices are not meant to be used for determining driving capability, it appears that personal breathalyzers can give you a pretty good idea of when to slow your roll. Pack one of these babies to stay safe the next time you’re out on the town.