Four Companies That Are Your Cell Phone’s Best Friend

The modern cellphone has become one of the most helpful and entertaining items for daily living. The smartphone has especially risen in use as different types of apps enable people from all walks of life to customize their phones. Your phone makes it possible for you to handle banking, medical issues and shopping. It allows you to watch a favorite movie or listen to your favorite songs on a whim. Many products and companies have become especially useful for those who can’t live without their cellphones. You can count on these businesses to cater to your major phone needs.



Those introductory deals on the latest smartphones seem great, but a minor mishap can change things quickly. Whether you drop your iPhone into a puddle of water or bounce your Blackberry on the concrete, you can find yourself unexpectedly cut off from your digital world. provides a variety of services, including cellphone repairs. You can quickly select the service that suits your situation, sending your device in for diagnostics and repair. There are also a number of brick-and-mortar locations around the country.

radioshack2. Radio Shack

There are many interesting accessories for today’s cellphone. Cases are important for protecting your device from unexpected spills or drops. The more you use your device, the greater the chances are of having a mishap. Some people love the ability to select colorful protective cases while others are hunting for the most durable options. Another important issue with cellphone use is power levels. Radio shack provides everything from chargers to portable power packs, perfect for keeping your phone working when you are on the move.

beats dre3. Beats by Dre

The Dr. Dre collection of headsets and listening accessories is perfect for providing the cellphone user with quality sound. If you carry a significant digital library of music on your device, then listening privately with a cheap pair of headphones can be annoying. The Dr. Dre collection provides a number of alternatives to cheap earbuds, perfect for enjoying great sound. Wireless models are particularly nice for those who want to listen while being able to leave a device in a stationary location. Beatbox products enable you to share your tunes. Dr. Dre headphones are also great for playing movies or videos on your cellphone without disturbing those around you.

plantronics4. Plantronics

One of the greatest difficulties that has occurred with cellphone use is the need to focus on the device when calling or receiving a call. The distractions result in a variety of problems, one of the most serious being related automobile accidents. Plantronics is a leading producer of high-quality hands-free devices for those who need to be able to communicate while on the go. Products range from simple button-operated devices to headsets with automatic routing and voice-activated answering. The technology and design of Plantronics devices merge to provide exceptional solutions for the mobile cellphone user.

As the smartphone industry continues to provide new communications products, there will continue to be a need for supporting products and services. These are some of the best options for facilitating a more enhanced user experience. While smartphone producers provide the platforms for communications, these companion companies provide the means to use communications devices more effectively.