5 Must Have Gadgets For Social Media Lovers

It seems that there are an alarming amount of gadgets being introduced to the market these days. While some are gimmicky and will probably not catch on, there are some gadgets that are worth purchasing. Since scouring the internet for such gadgets can be tiresome, we thought we’d help you out by listing 5 gadgets that social media lovers must have.
Socialmatic Camera

Are you a fan of Instagram and often wish to be able to print out the pictures you’ve posted? Well, you’re in luck. Polaroid is set to introduce their Socialmatic Camera sometime early next year (2014). According to the Socialmatic website, the instant camera is based on Android as main OS and will have WiFi and 3G connectivity built in. Users will be able to upload their photos onto the Socialmatic Network as well as share them as some of the bigger social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
Google Glass

Gaga for Google? If so, then you must be saving up to get yourself a pair of Google Glass eyeglasses. Instead of having to rely on smartphones while out and about, Google Glass promises to provide the same services in a convenient eyeglass format. If you are lamenting having prescription glasses, don’t you fret! Google has announced a prescription version to be introduced after the initial Explorer Edition version (which is slated for a fourth quarter of 2013 debut).
Eye-Fi memory cards

Love to take pictures and/or videos to share on social networks, but don’t wait for Polaroid’s Socialmatic Camera or wait until you get home to upload them? Then Eye-Fi memory cards are made for you. These SD and SDHC cards (with built-in WiFi) will let you upload your photos and videos to websites such as Facebook, Flickr, and Picasa using a nearby WiFi connection.

Want to watch videos or see pictures from friends’ Facebook profiles but don’t want to turn on your laptop or smartphone? If so, Roku is your go-to gadget. While it’s true that Roku is most often associated with watching films and television shows, tech savvy folks will know that you can also access sites such as Facebook. Although you won’t be able to read or post any content, you will be able to access friends’ YouTube videos and pictures from their profiles.
Flip UltraHD

Do you love to shoot videos? If the answer is “yes”, then the latest Flip UltraHD video camera is just for you. This video camera will allow you to post your videos onto websites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube for maximum sharing potential.

As you can see, there are a number of gadgets for social media junkies. While there are many out in the market, these will fulfill your needs; at least until the next one comes along.