5 Must Have Apps For The Traveling Business Man or Woman

Traveling is ingrained in many people’s lives. It is a way of life for many business men and women. Being on the road has both advantages and disadvantages. One advantage of traveling is the ability to experience different parts of the country, and even the world. However, one disadvantage is not having your home base and all of the comforts that go along with that. If you are a traveling business man or woman, there are several ways that technology can help you stay organized, entertained, and comforted.


One app that is absolutely essential for traveling business men and women is Cardmunch. One thing that business men and women will always do is exchange contact information. Often times, a quality contact at another company is more important than anything else. Therefore, you’ll want to be able to keep your contacts orderly. Cardmunch allows you to keep your business cards in a virtual database so that you can easily access them.

DoubleDutch Event app:

If you’re a road warrior, chances are you attend or work events for your employer. If your company isn’t dialed in with the DoubleDutch Event app then it’s time you make it happen. Often times, it is very hard for folks to keep track of all of the various sessions and speakers, and nowadays, every event, trade show or conference should use this white label event app as their solution, why reinvent the wheel every time? This app acts as a social network dedicated to the conference and allows you to share and view activities that are going on throughout the conference.


Every business man or woman needs a good to do list. Clear provides a virtual to do list so that you can keep track of tasks that you must finish. Not only does this provide a great organizational interface for you, you can check off all of the tasks you have completed, which can give you a sense of accomplishment once you’ve actually completed a task.


Dropbox is an app that connects your desktop computer and mobile devices by providing a cloud storage space for your business files. It is great because you can access important files like your presentation from any device as long as you have an internet connection. This is particularly useful for travelers because they are often accessing data from different places at different times.


Evernote allows business men and women to take notes and store them on your mobile device. It even allows you store a variety of media including audio and video notes. This app is particularly useful if you attend conferences and want to have a centralized database for your notes.