5 Amazon Innovations You Don’t Know About

Amazon is already recognized as the dominant player in online retail but they aren’t just sitting around waiting for someone like Apple or Google to knock them off. They continue to innovate and develop new ways to please customers build their brand loyalty. Here are 5 of their more recent innovations that you may or may not be aware of.
1. Amazon Flow for Smart Phones

Imagine strolling through your favorite department store or electronics outlet and stumbling across an item you really want. The only problem is the price seems too high. With Amazon Flow, you can scan the item’s bar code and find the item on Amazon to compare prices. Flow can also provide reviews and compare it with similar products. If Amazon has the better deal, you can even complete the purchase online right there in the store.
2. Gravity Based Link Assist Technology

Anyone who shops online knows the frustration of having to start over from the beginning when they accidentally click in the wrong area and are taken to a page they never wanted view. Amazon will soon be introducing technology to their order processing pages that will make the transaction buttons more attractive to the mouse and even pull the pointer in when it is close.
3. Text to Speech Technology

Everyone should be able to browse and shop but, surfing the web can be a challenge for the visually impaired. Amazon recently acquired Avona Software, a leader in text to speech technology. Amazon anticipates adding text to speech capabilities to many of their devices in 17 different languages and communicating in dozens of voices. Integrating text to speech into their retail portals will make Amazon even more popular with consumers around the globe.
4. Amazon Web Services

Few individuals are aware of Amazon Web Services (AWS) but, a huge number of small businesses are able to compete with technology giants thanks to AWS. Cloud storage and software offered to third parties makes setting up and running a technology company much more financially viable. Daniel Gross, co-founder of Cue, believes AWS reduces their monthly technology expenses from $2 million to less than $100,000.
5. Amazon Mobile Ad Network

With the growing dependence on mobile technology, effectively reaching consumers is a serious challenge for advertisers. Amazon’s Mobile Ad Network program makes this task much easier for advertisers and far less painful for consumers. The ads are targeted based on the user’s location, usage trends and application preferences. This means that users only see advertisements that are relevant to them. Restaurants in their area or products that compliment their current lifestyle are good examples.

These five innovations are each an amazing way to help Amazon hold on to its coveted position atop the online retail marketplace. They are also a great way to help consumers find and enjoy the products they want at a price they can afford.