5 Amazing Technological Advances of 2013

It seems as if every single day, there is something new that is invented or introduced into our lives. With the continual increase in technology, the amount of innovate ideas seems limitless, with no end in site. In 2013, the world can expect to see some pretty unique advancements in technology. And although its impossible to mention all of them, here is a list of five pretty amazing ones that will hopefully improve your daily life.

Temporary Social Media

It’s somewhat of a shame that something as so fascinating and important as social media, has taken advantage of in a way. It’s an unfortunate truth that too often our actions and words are displayed on social media, making it forever linked to who we are. However, over the last few years a popular app by the name of Snapchat has made it possible for your messages to not last forever and be quickly erased after you send them. The app promises that 10-seconds after you send the message, it will be erased and deleted forever. Snapchat has seen increased popularity in 2013 and, although its not an all inclusive fix for those sending messages of ourselves that we will one day regret, it is a step in the right way to fix the problem.

3-D Printing

3-D printing has been in the works for many years now. However, it seems as if 2013 could be the year that it becomes mainstream and begins to open the eyes of consumers around the world. Some companies have begun working on additive manufacturing, or the industrial version of 3-D printing, but it is also something that could be in every person’s home within the next few years. 3-D printing is great, as it allows for technological and medical advancements for those who need it. However, 3-D printing has also gotten some grief, as some people have already found ways to provide people with dangerous things to create. Nonetheless, 3-D printing is going to change the way consumers look at items, and eventually how we shop. Imagine being able to make everything you need to supply your home, without having to ever leave.

Memory Implants

Imagine a world where memory loss is a thing of the past. This could do wonders for those with severe medical conditions that can tear apart families and loved ones. Theodore Berger, a biomedical engineer and neuroscientist at the University of Southern California, is working on a way to help those with memory loss in the form of an electronic implant. The device is created to mimic functions that process signals the way your neurons do when recalling memories. What may seem like a far-fetched idea has quickly gained popularity in recent years and could continue to see growth in 2013.

Smart Watches

In an industry that was nearly almost done and gone, smart watches will bring new life to wrist wear and time pieces. Some of the most popular companies in the world have seen the desire by those who want a smart watch, after the record setting performance by startup company Pepple in their goal to make a smart watch. Now companies like Samsung and Apple are getting involved to make their own models. Although just a few years ago watches seemed outdated as you could simply check your mobile phone for the time, they could now be making a comeback as everything on your phone could be ran through your new smart watch. This is certainly one of the most anticipated technological releases of 2013 for the average consumer.

Super Grids

The last technological advancement of 2013 for this list takes a look at how we use energy and how it could be changing. A Swiss company has found a way to develop high-voltage circuit breakers that allow stable electricity for people in a way never before imagined. These grids will allow places that usually do not get much sunshine or wind, to still receive the benefits that are provided by solar and wind energy. With a more reliable way of providing safe energy to those who previously are unable to get it, we could see an entire shift in how we store and use energy with these new Super Grids.

Sometimes it can seem a bit unbelievable that our technological advancements have come as far as they have. Its often noted that society has made more advancements in the last 10-years, than in the previous 100-years combined. As this pattern continues, it’s a wonder how quickly and how much will be invented as each new year passes. Either way, 2013 is sure to be a year that technology continues to advance and offer new inventions for people around the world.