4 Of The Coolest Tech Jobs Today

As computers and the Internet become more important in everyday life, the tech industry is providing some of the coolest jobs in the market. Today’s generation grew up using computers and accessing the Internet, and a lot of people have some basic experience writing HTML and CSS code for eBay auctions and Tumblr pages. Turning those skills into a tech job can lead to a position as a software developer, computer systems analyst, information security specialist or a number of other exciting careers in technology.

While many tech jobs require strong math skills, a lot of other positions favor business skills or creative instincts. Working in management information systems, Web design or mobile software development requires motivation, creativity and work ethic. As technology continues to develop, there are endless possibilities for cool jobs in the tech industry.
Web Developers

Web developers work with Web administrators, business managers and graphic designers to write the software code that tells browsers how to load Web pages. As the Internet becomes more sophisticated and ISPs offer higher bandwidths, websites continue to add interesting new visual features and interactive menus. Web developers are needed to come up with Python, JavaScript and PHP code to implement dynamic Web pages that load quickly and provide useful functions for visitors. They’re also in charge of writing the HTML5 and CSS3 pages that determine a website’s fonts, layout, transitions and simple animations.
Management Information Systems

MIS professionals work with businesses to implement internal information systems using servers and computer networks. They usually have computer science degrees with a specialization in business, marketing or management. MIS careers are one of the coolest jobs in the tech industry because they pay well above average and are expected to increase more than average over the next ten years, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. While many tech jobs require advanced math and science skills, MIS professionals usually need to know more about databases, software, computer hardware, servers and Internet security.
Software Engineers

Software engineers work for companies to design software as efficiently as possible. They usually don’t spend a lot of time writing actual code but instead use their understanding of programming theory and software design principles to create an application outline. They pass this outline to developers who type up the code and run it through tests to make sure it works. These tech jobs typically pay $90,000 to $110,000 per year on average, and they’re expected to grow much more quickly than jobs in other industries.
Social Media Managers

Social media managers are among the coolest professionals in the tech industry. They combine their technical know-how with social media savvy to help businesses publicize their services. They often work with marketing agents and business executives to decide on a social media campaign for desktop and mobile websites. Before social media took over the advertising landscape, businesses advertised on television, radio and, eventually, websites and Google searches. While these channels are still relevant, they don’t reach nearly as many customers as social media and mobile marketing.

New developments in technology and the Web create new jobs year after year. As technology and culture continue to merge, cool tech jobs will become the careers of choice for generations to come.