4 Ideal Start-Up Business Ideas For Major Geeks

While sitting around taping my glasses together and readjusting my pocket protector, I started thinking more intently about start-up businesses that geeks would be a perfect match for. Us geeks can only hide in our cubicles for so long, but at some point we have to launch our master plan to take over the corporate world. Who better to show the rest of those math-phobes and science-phobes out there how it is done? Come on, admit it, when you were a younger geek, you dreamed of the day when there would be Gary Numan style elevator music being piped into your very own office building. Well, the world may not be quite ready for that, but I’m sure we can come up with four start-up business ideas that simply must become a reality in the modern market.

4. Alien Skin Clothing Line:

How cool would it be to walk around wearing clothing that did weird alien like things. When you touch it, it feels reptilian-like and responds to touch in weird ways. Or, the eyes on some alien graphic actually light up and move around on a person’s alien skin wear shirt. Does anyone think that a flexible tail would look good on Alien Skin Trousers? Why is some geek not making this happen for us? This skin-like clothing could be formed from a type of rubber plastic composite that is very stretchy. Shirts with extra tentacles would be nice too.

3. Remote Controlled Animal Toys

Imagine sitting around the house with your kids playing with snakes, lizards, and other robotic animals that you can move about by remote control. What if these toys could interact and defend their territory from invaders? What if they were life sized and were capable of fast intricate movement? What if they could withstand the rugged outdoors too? What if you could take them to the office to use in practical jokes?

2. The Fast Food Arcade

A person should be able to sit down, enjoy a good meal, and play a video game at the same time. Restaurant booths with glass top tables that are really computer screens, which are easily cleaned in case you spill something like soda or catsup on it. Even multi-player games would be nice for the whole family, or just a couple of friends having lunch together. Multiple aps taking up different spots on the table would be nice too, then the little kids could digitally finger paint while the adults do something different in their portion of the screen table, like play a game of digital chess over dinner.

1. Variable Tinting Windshields:

It has always amazed me that no one has come up with a wind shield for the car, where you can change the color of the glass and the degree of the tinting, just by playing with some buttons on your dash board. For starters, it would look nicer than that peal and stick nonsense that starts to bubble and peal after a while. Plus, adjusting the tint to the visual needs one has at a particular time of day, when driving, would probably cut down on the number of accidents that occur on the road.

Honestly, there are so many great ideas not being capitalized on that would make the world a more fun and interesting place. And those who have genuine geekness could bring many of these items to market. Just in the realm of A. I. development alone, the number of new devices that could be brought to market is staggering. The market is simply waiting for geeks like us to make it happen.