10 Cool Jobs Created By The Video Game Industry

The video game industry is one of the fastest growing sectors of the entertainment business. The expansion of the video game industry has created some truly fun and exciting jobs. Below are 10 of the coolest jobs created by the video game industry.

Programmers write the computer code that makes the games function. They create game engines that control the physics of the game world and dictate how objects relate to each other, they create the artificial intelligence engines that spell out the logic followed by non-player characters, and they write the code that allow players to interact in the world of the game.

Graphics Designer

Graphics designers are the artists that create the images and animations in a game. Graphics designers create the entire look of the game, including background images, textures, characters, and objects.

Level Designer

Level designers are the people who give structure to the world of the games. They decide where to place objects and design the maps that characters follow. This is a challenging but rewarding job for someone who enjoys thinking long and hard about video games. Level designers have to structure the game to vary playing experience so players to not become bored, ensure that areas are not too easy or too difficult, and that leveling and point systems work consistently throughout the game.

The primary job for writers in the video game industry is the scripting of dialogue. The writer creates dialogue to be engaging and realistic. Writers also provide input on the larger narratives of a game, checking for internal consistency and offering suggestions on story arch and character development. Writers may also work as part of the support team, writing documentation and marketing materials for games.
Game Tester

Video game testing, also known as quality control or quality assurance, is the process of rigorously playing through every aspect of the game in order to check for errors in artwork, glitches in game logic, or moments of poor playing experience. Testers play a game over and over, playing out as many possible scenarios as possible.

It is the producer’s job to look at the big picture of the game, insuring that ever part of the game creation process is working toward creating the best possible finished product. Producers are involved in every aspect of game creation, making sure budgets and schedules are kept and that teams are communicating efficiently.
Audio Engineers

Audio engineers compose the music and create with sound effects of the game. They use music to create the mood of the game and heighten game play with all sorts of sound effects.


The most common role for a video game actor is to give voice to characters. They interpret dialogue scripts to bring the characters to life, much like actors in animated film. Some large budget game studios now use actors to model the movement and actions of characters, creating more realistic human motion than is possible from traditional animation techniques.
Virtual Economy Expert

Many large game studios have begun hiring professional economists, either as consultants or as full-time staff members. Economists create the rules for virtual economies. This is very important in massively multiplayer and social games where a large number of players interact. Economies must facilitate and encourage trade while discouraging hording and fraud.
Professional Gamer

This may be the coolest job opportunity created by the video game industry. Professional gamers make a living by competing in tournaments, putting on exhibitions, and leveraging endorsement deals. These top players get to live the dream of playing video games professionally, but only through remarkable talent and many hours of practice.

If you are someone who spends hours thinking about video games, imagining new maps or completely different sound tracks or expanded storylines to your favorite games, then one of these jobs may be for you.