The Amazing Technology Behind Cold Biological Storage Facilities

Cold biological storage facilities are designed to hold a variety of sample types. Common samples stored in the cold biological storage facilities include blood and plasma, eggs, tissues, legal specimens, plant samples, bones, and cell lines. These samples are stored safely in these types of facilities. Through careful research, scientists discovered how to design cold biological storage facilities to preserve these types of samples.

There are many different aspects of cold biological storage facilities that make it all possible. Every aspect is instrumental to proper storage. Here is some information about the amazing technology.

1. Uninterrupted Energy and Liquid Nitrogen Supply

Every company storing samples should have a set of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). These samples should include measures to ensure the energy supply to the cryopreservation units are maintained and operate constantly. The liquid nitrogen should also constantly flow to the units to ensure proper preservation. The temperature should be constantly monitored to ensure the samples are preserved properly.

2. Real-Time Reports

Real-time reports ensure technology is working properly. Millions of dollars can be lost if tissue samples or DNA samples are compromised. When storage units use reports to control samples and monitor progress, customers can ensure their samples are in optimal condition when needed. In general, real-time reports will contain information about temperature levels and lifetime expectancy. These reports play a large role in the preservation. Choose a cold biological facility that generates real-time reports.

3. Superior Thermal Management

Accurate sample temperatures will ensure that sample integrity will not be compromised. The protocols are the key to the success of thermal management. Maintaining the proper temperature begins with a sample management inventory system. This system will help the samples be delivered to the proper storage location where the temperature will be verified and is instrumental in maintaining the proper temperature in the system. In addition to 24 hours per day and seven days per week continuous monitoring, there are also redundant cooling systems to ensure continuous internal air rotation.

4. Extremophile Biology

Cold biological storage is often based on extremophile biology. This type of technology allows organisms to be preserved for a longer period of time before they have to be revived with rehydration. The drying process protects the samples. This type of technology made it easier to forecast how long the samples would last. This type of technology was discovered after studying how microorganisms could survive in extreme hot or cold temperatures. This concept was replicated in the form of large stainless steel tanks filled with liquid nitrogen.

guy in a lab

Today, many scientist use this same principle that was discovered in nature. While this concept has been proven to be effective, new technological advancements will provide higher success rates.

Know About the Technology Behind Cold Biological Storage Facilities

When you know how cold biological storage facilities can help you preserve samples, you will select the proper system that will help you achieve your goals. The new technology is more advanced and can preserve samples that help people solve causes, prove paternity, or conceive. The technology helps numerous people achieve their goals and can help you achieve yours also. Find out more about cryogenics and cold biological storage facilities.

Four Companies That Are Your Cell Phone’s Best Friend

The modern cellphone has become one of the most helpful and entertaining items for daily living. The smartphone has especially risen in use as different types of apps enable people from all walks of life to customize their phones. Your phone makes it possible for you to handle banking, medical issues and shopping. It allows you to watch a favorite movie or listen to your favorite songs on a whim. Many products and companies have become especially useful for those who can’t live without their cellphones. You can count on these businesses to cater to your major phone needs.



Those introductory deals on the latest smartphones seem great, but a minor mishap can change things quickly. Whether you drop your iPhone into a puddle of water or bounce your Blackberry on the concrete, you can find yourself unexpectedly cut off from your digital world. provides a variety of services, including cellphone repairs. You can quickly select the service that suits your situation, sending your device in for diagnostics and repair. There are also a number of brick-and-mortar locations around the country.

radioshack2. Radio Shack

There are many interesting accessories for today’s cellphone. Cases are important for protecting your device from unexpected spills or drops. The more you use your device, the greater the chances are of having a mishap. Some people love the ability to select colorful protective cases while others are hunting for the most durable options. Another important issue with cellphone use is power levels. Radio shack provides everything from chargers to portable power packs, perfect for keeping your phone working when you are on the move.

beats dre3. Beats by Dre

The Dr. Dre collection of headsets and listening accessories is perfect for providing the cellphone user with quality sound. If you carry a significant digital library of music on your device, then listening privately with a cheap pair of headphones can be annoying. The Dr. Dre collection provides a number of alternatives to cheap earbuds, perfect for enjoying great sound. Wireless models are particularly nice for those who want to listen while being able to leave a device in a stationary location. Beatbox products enable you to share your tunes. Dr. Dre headphones are also great for playing movies or videos on your cellphone without disturbing those around you.

plantronics4. Plantronics

One of the greatest difficulties that has occurred with cellphone use is the need to focus on the device when calling or receiving a call. The distractions result in a variety of problems, one of the most serious being related automobile accidents. Plantronics is a leading producer of high-quality hands-free devices for those who need to be able to communicate while on the go. Products range from simple button-operated devices to headsets with automatic routing and voice-activated answering. The technology and design of Plantronics devices merge to provide exceptional solutions for the mobile cellphone user.

As the smartphone industry continues to provide new communications products, there will continue to be a need for supporting products and services. These are some of the best options for facilitating a more enhanced user experience. While smartphone producers provide the platforms for communications, these companion companies provide the means to use communications devices more effectively.

5 Must Have Apps For The Traveling Business Man or Woman

Traveling is ingrained in many people’s lives. It is a way of life for many business men and women. Being on the road has both advantages and disadvantages. One advantage of traveling is the ability to experience different parts of the country, and even the world. However, one disadvantage is not having your home base and all of the comforts that go along with that. If you are a traveling business man or woman, there are several ways that technology can help you stay organized, entertained, and comforted.


One app that is absolutely essential for traveling business men and women is Cardmunch. One thing that business men and women will always do is exchange contact information. Often times, a quality contact at another company is more important than anything else. Therefore, you’ll want to be able to keep your contacts orderly. Cardmunch allows you to keep your business cards in a virtual database so that you can easily access them.

DoubleDutch Event app:

If you’re a road warrior, chances are you attend or work events for your employer. If your company isn’t dialed in with the DoubleDutch Event app then it’s time you make it happen. Often times, it is very hard for folks to keep track of all of the various sessions and speakers, and nowadays, every event, trade show or conference should use this white label event app as their solution, why reinvent the wheel every time? This app acts as a social network dedicated to the conference and allows you to share and view activities that are going on throughout the conference.


Every business man or woman needs a good to do list. Clear provides a virtual to do list so that you can keep track of tasks that you must finish. Not only does this provide a great organizational interface for you, you can check off all of the tasks you have completed, which can give you a sense of accomplishment once you’ve actually completed a task.


Dropbox is an app that connects your desktop computer and mobile devices by providing a cloud storage space for your business files. It is great because you can access important files like your presentation from any device as long as you have an internet connection. This is particularly useful for travelers because they are often accessing data from different places at different times.


Evernote allows business men and women to take notes and store them on your mobile device. It even allows you store a variety of media including audio and video notes. This app is particularly useful if you attend conferences and want to have a centralized database for your notes.

Pinterest To Offer Web Analytics and What This Means For Your Business

Pinterest is laying the foundation for monetization, based on what people click on and follow through with the link attached to an image. In 2012, they began separating the business entities from the personal accounts. Creating business pages with the business names. Now the basis for the distinction is clear, the potential to market to the 30 million unique visitors. Social media dictates the need for measurable ROC to determine the value behind marketing campaigns. It’s no surprise one of the favored hot spots on the internet want to contribute while benefiting.

Imagine the importance of creating a contest and easily evaluating the activity related to the contest from its image and how people engaged based on that image.

Pinterest web analytics means your business is the ability to see the volume of people that pin images directly from your website. If an image is not tremendously successful, it gives the opportunity to change it up and add a better image based on the results from other successful images. Tap the pool of knowledge and insight to understand what your customers are truly interested in and love about your site. Not only can you adapt to what they feel passionate about, but you can talk directly with individuals pinning your images. It is all about inspiring your customers, to provide the perfect ambiance, not just a lifeless picture of a product. Give your customers a reason to spend the time pinning and sharing your ideas.

Personalize the experience by adding your own likes, have employees add to the value, as well.

An even deeper benefit is to track the analytics and choose the best times to engage with individuals. The data will reveal the times people are more actively visiting your site and pinning the images to Pinterest.

Pinterest has made it so easy to develop the web analytics. Follow the steps to verify your website and download the file to add to your site. Just like Google analytics, it needs to identify the file, to create and deliver the data and prepare the data report.

This is an powerful marketing strategy and unique way to share your business with the world. Utilize the best images and add some videos to engage pinners, your potential customers, Ensure you are leading them to your website with worthwhile content. Share your community involvements, festive events and conventions so shower people with your involvement, caring approach to gain confidence in your company on a personal level. Just follow the guidelines Pinterest lays out for companies to ensure quality and reduce spam. Make it a true community with a caring touch and the web analytics that will guide your businesses marketing plan to expand the company and increase sales.

5 Must Have Gadgets For Social Media Lovers

It seems that there are an alarming amount of gadgets being introduced to the market these days. While some are gimmicky and will probably not catch on, there are some gadgets that are worth purchasing. Since scouring the internet for such gadgets can be tiresome, we thought we’d help you out by listing 5 gadgets that social media lovers must have.
Socialmatic Camera

Are you a fan of Instagram and often wish to be able to print out the pictures you’ve posted? Well, you’re in luck. Polaroid is set to introduce their Socialmatic Camera sometime early next year (2014). According to the Socialmatic website, the instant camera is based on Android as main OS and will have WiFi and 3G connectivity built in. Users will be able to upload their photos onto the Socialmatic Network as well as share them as some of the bigger social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
Google Glass

Gaga for Google? If so, then you must be saving up to get yourself a pair of Google Glass eyeglasses. Instead of having to rely on smartphones while out and about, Google Glass promises to provide the same services in a convenient eyeglass format. If you are lamenting having prescription glasses, don’t you fret! Google has announced a prescription version to be introduced after the initial Explorer Edition version (which is slated for a fourth quarter of 2013 debut).
Eye-Fi memory cards

Love to take pictures and/or videos to share on social networks, but don’t wait for Polaroid’s Socialmatic Camera or wait until you get home to upload them? Then Eye-Fi memory cards are made for you. These SD and SDHC cards (with built-in WiFi) will let you upload your photos and videos to websites such as Facebook, Flickr, and Picasa using a nearby WiFi connection.

Want to watch videos or see pictures from friends’ Facebook profiles but don’t want to turn on your laptop or smartphone? If so, Roku is your go-to gadget. While it’s true that Roku is most often associated with watching films and television shows, tech savvy folks will know that you can also access sites such as Facebook. Although you won’t be able to read or post any content, you will be able to access friends’ YouTube videos and pictures from their profiles.
Flip UltraHD

Do you love to shoot videos? If the answer is “yes”, then the latest Flip UltraHD video camera is just for you. This video camera will allow you to post your videos onto websites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube for maximum sharing potential.

As you can see, there are a number of gadgets for social media junkies. While there are many out in the market, these will fulfill your needs; at least until the next one comes along.

5 Amazon Innovations You Don’t Know About

Amazon is already recognized as the dominant player in online retail but they aren’t just sitting around waiting for someone like Apple or Google to knock them off. They continue to innovate and develop new ways to please customers build their brand loyalty. Here are 5 of their more recent innovations that you may or may not be aware of.
1. Amazon Flow for Smart Phones

Imagine strolling through your favorite department store or electronics outlet and stumbling across an item you really want. The only problem is the price seems too high. With Amazon Flow, you can scan the item’s bar code and find the item on Amazon to compare prices. Flow can also provide reviews and compare it with similar products. If Amazon has the better deal, you can even complete the purchase online right there in the store.
2. Gravity Based Link Assist Technology

Anyone who shops online knows the frustration of having to start over from the beginning when they accidentally click in the wrong area and are taken to a page they never wanted view. Amazon will soon be introducing technology to their order processing pages that will make the transaction buttons more attractive to the mouse and even pull the pointer in when it is close.
3. Text to Speech Technology

Everyone should be able to browse and shop but, surfing the web can be a challenge for the visually impaired. Amazon recently acquired Avona Software, a leader in text to speech technology. Amazon anticipates adding text to speech capabilities to many of their devices in 17 different languages and communicating in dozens of voices. Integrating text to speech into their retail portals will make Amazon even more popular with consumers around the globe.
4. Amazon Web Services

Few individuals are aware of Amazon Web Services (AWS) but, a huge number of small businesses are able to compete with technology giants thanks to AWS. Cloud storage and software offered to third parties makes setting up and running a technology company much more financially viable. Daniel Gross, co-founder of Cue, believes AWS reduces their monthly technology expenses from $2 million to less than $100,000.
5. Amazon Mobile Ad Network

With the growing dependence on mobile technology, effectively reaching consumers is a serious challenge for advertisers. Amazon’s Mobile Ad Network program makes this task much easier for advertisers and far less painful for consumers. The ads are targeted based on the user’s location, usage trends and application preferences. This means that users only see advertisements that are relevant to them. Restaurants in their area or products that compliment their current lifestyle are good examples.

These five innovations are each an amazing way to help Amazon hold on to its coveted position atop the online retail marketplace. They are also a great way to help consumers find and enjoy the products they want at a price they can afford.

10 Cool Gadgets For Tech Lovers

Some tech lovers are constantly looking for new ways to make things better in the workplace and at home. The following presents a lot of ways to increase productivity with small devices.
1. Wireless Headphones

There are a lot of wireless devices on the market, but the wireless headphones are gaining a lot of exposure. These devices give consumers a tangle free listening experience.
2. Smartphones

More people are becoming smartphone owners. These devices have a lot of apps that allow people to get connected to the Internet and this leads to many other things.
3. Tablet PCs

People that want more convenience will consider the tablet PC. This gives users the ability to read eBooks and shop with bigger screens than smartphones. There are many variations of the tablet with keyboard accessories and tablet covers.
4. Wireless Charger

People will often lose their cell phone chargers. It can become quite inconvenient to lose the cord, but the wireless charger allows multiple users to charge at the same time.
5. Portable Speakers

Smartphone users have lots of access to music apps. This is why portable speakers are becoming quite popular. These speakers produce a greater sound with more bass and treble.
6. Internet Watch

The Internet watch is something that everyone seems to have a need for. It isn’t always convenient to pull out a smartphone, but a watch is a lot more subtle. People can check things on their phone much quicker.
7. Portable Media Players

The media player is replacing the DVD players that are on the market. There are many of these devices that are designed to play AVI, MVK and DIVX files. This eliminates the processing of burning videos files to discs. The portable media players make it much easier to take these devices from one place to another.
8. Washable Keyboard

For years consumers have complained about keyboards that are stained or sticky. There are washable keyboards that are designed for people that want to get the clean feel of keys again. This makes the typing experience much better for families because someone in the family always spills something on the keyboard.
9. Smart Phone Credit Card Terminal

Small business owners will be excited to see the portable terminals that can be used without full credit card processing machines. This is one of the easier methods that is often a lot less costly than renting card processors.
10. Pen Sized Scanner

There is a scanner that is as small as a pen. This is much better than the bulky machines that were used in the past. People can take this device anywhere and scan documents.

Many people are embracing gadgets because these things make life easier. Many of the gadgets are portable. This makes it much easier for people to travel with their tools for entertainment, navigation and social media.